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Our Mission

As being part of our clients’ management team, we align ourselves with our clients’ goals and objectives. Building professional relationships with our clients and tenants are the cornerstones of our company’s core values. We will continue to keep up the good reputation we have had for many years and will provide the same exceptional dedications and services to our clients; in which is support by low vacancy rates, well-maintained properties and increased financial returns. As always, we have our clients' best interests at heart. 



Through the years of effort in providing great services to our clients, we have developed greater working assets and have finally established our own Sutton Franchise to better serve our clients. Our company started off with managing less than 10 units on SFU Burnaby Mountain Campus back in August 2009, and now we currently manage over 300 units including individual condos, single houses and commercial properties.  We are the largest housing source on SFU Burnaby Mountain Community providing one of the best valued management services in Greater Vancouver area. We also provide residential and commercial trading services and give honest and realistic advices to our clients. 

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